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Our e-book was designed (by Tara Butterwick, Personal trainer and Healthy Living Advocate) as a complete guide to healthy sustainable living. Live Fit Now supports real healthy lifestyles for real people. No extreme fad diets or anything, it's about learning healthy habits that form achievable, fun and fit lifestyles!

This e-book is an amazing manual for healthy living filled with:
-a full list of healthy foods you should be looking for and consuming
-over 20 easy healthy recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks included)
-over 15 workouts, with tons of workout tips and variety
-loaded with tons of healthy lifestyle tips 
-tons of goal setting tips to help you stay on track and reach your goals
-lots of info on our 3 philosophies Think.Fit, Eat.Fit and Move.Fit.

This book allows you to have an accessible and affordable healthy lifestyle guide, workouts developed by a Personal Trainer, and a great community to be involved in! Become a Live Fit'er today!

Whether your starting your healthy living journey or your living fit already, this e-book is the perfect for both! Make sure you join community via Facebook so you can follow along with all the other Live Fit'ers! Lets change the world. 

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